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Le Locking a été créé par Don Campbellock au début des années 70. Le Locking a charmé la nation grâce au groupe de pionniers The Lockers qui développa la danse et performa à l’émission de télévision Soul Train en 1976.


Ce style s’exécute sur de la musique funk ou disco et se compose de mouvements de base tels que le Lock, les Wrist Rolls (roulements de poignets), Points
(pointer), le Pimp Walk ainsi que des mouvements acrobatiques, des expressions faciales et surtout de « FUNKINESS »!!!

Also called Campbellocking, it is a style of Funk dance invented by Don Campbell in the early 70’s. It is today also associated with hip hop. The name is based on the concept of locking movements, which basically means freezing from a fast movement and « locking » in a certain position, holding that position for a short while and then continuing in the same speed as before. It relies on fast and distinct arm and hand movements combined with more relaxed hips and legs. The movements are generally large and exaggerated, and often very rhythmic and tightly synced with the music. Locking is quite performance oriented, often interacting with the audience by smiling or giving them a high five, and some moves are quite comical in nature. A dancer who performs locking is called a locker.

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